Urban Design Series – Desertscape 8.125″


Our first board in the Urban Design Series. Graphics created by artist around the world. This one is called Desertscape and deigned by Jonathan Klein from Germany. 8.125″ wide and 31.875″ long.

The Urban Design Series is our public design project. Anyone with a creative mind are free to submit their ideas for our next board in this series. The best ideas are picked and the artist are credited.

Desertscape is the first board in the Urban Design Series. It’s designed by Jonathan Klein from Germany. He describes his design like this:

“I lived a large portion of my life in the middle east and always found the desert to be quite beautiful. I wanted to capture this beauty in a minimalist design.”

The Desertscape is 8.125″ wide, 31.875″ long and with a wheelbase of 14.5″. This delicious piece of deck comes with random colored top layer. Regular concave for allround skate. Made in the US from pure maple. 7 layer plys combined with experience. We’ve made 3 random colored layers for that hardcore look. Printed back home in Sweden.


7 Layers Canadian Maple

Deck width





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