Heartwood Street Team

"Shattered all over the globe but still connected through our roots"

Heartwood is all about passion for skate. The never ending strive for freedom. To push yourself even further. We all like that feeling and that’s something we definitely share with our Street Team. Shattered all over the globe but connected through our roots. A collective movement of Heartwood Ambassadors spread all over the globe.

We like people with creative minds. Regardless if you use it on or off your board it’s something that will determine how far you can go. Meet our team, they’re pretty amazing.

Isaiah “Iszuh” Gladney – Heartwood Street Team

Isaiah Gladney


"Iszuh as he is called is a guy who really lives up to his last name – a glad guy who really enjoys the pool. With high speed and nice flow he is like a fish in the water. His natural state. He thinks that there is actually no other feeling to compare with standing on his board. – “skating allowed me to step out my comfort zone and push myself to my limits. I can relate skateboarding to life… cause it’s a process. Taking slams, getting frustrated. It taught me to always get back up and keep pushin”.

José Carlos – Heartwood Street Team

Jose Carlos Logroño


JC, as he usually is called, was born and raised in Seville, Spain. He took his first push on a skateboard when he was 13 years old. He has been skating ever since and this guy has a passion for street skate and especially rails! The skateboarding has brought him to new places and has led to meetings with new people who share the same passion. That’s probably one of the best parts about it.

Asaph Lebovic – Heartwood Street Team



Asaph is a really young talent we found in Israel. Filled with passion, dedication and a big smile. Ingredients for fulfilling dreams. Even though he was born 2014 and only has a few year of skating so far, he is mind blowing. We already regard him as a source of inspiration and so will many others. We decided to help him out and push him in the true and glorious path of skateboarding. As a part of Heartwood roots. Meet Asaph, the rolling wonder boy from Israel. We know that this boy will become a big inspiration for so many others to come. Asaph spends a lot of time on the board and takes it to kindergarten each day, he just loves it. He likes heavy-metal and especially Iron Maiden. In general he likes pretty noisy music, after all he is a skater.

Kim Andersson

Kim Andersson


With a soft style Kim really catches the true emotion of skating. This guy prioritize hangtime when skating. It’s obvious Kim loves flying and his genuine style makes it looks so smooth out there. A passionate skater with a big smile.

Bruno Aleixo – Heartwood Street Team

Bruno Aleixo


Skateboarding has had a major impact on his life. His best friends stems from the skate scene and his serenity comes from skateboarding. Born in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. Lived in Lisbon for some years and later in Spain (Almendralejo) for about 3 years. Nowadays I live in Arrifana, Portugal. Started skating 2013. Proud to ride with a Goofy stance and if I where to pick some of my favorite things in the park/street, it would probably be skating gaps. If I where to give some advice to new skaters it’s definitely to pay respect to each other no matter what! That will grow you stronger and give you the guts and inspiration to advance as a skater. With others pushing you to reach your goals. The best things I got from skateboarding are my friends


Marcus Barankievicz


Meet Marcus, a young talent from Lisbon, Portugal. He sure takes all opportunities he can get to stand on his board. He has developed some fine skills over the years and sure knows how to fly on rails. He has a national championship first prize in his collection and we are pretty sure there will be more very soon. He loves to compete and travel to meet new skaters and develop his skills together with skaters he finds on his travels.

Daniel Andersson – Heartwood Street Team

Daniel Andersson


Daniel was born and raised in Jönköping (central Sweden). He has been exploring the streets and abandon places around the city since his teenage years. He has a passion for ledges and stairs and extra good together with some flip tricks.

Rasmus Eksell

Rasmus Eksell


Rasmus started as a traditional skateboarder with pools and street skate. He later evolved his skate style to longboarding and freeride. By combining this two type of disciplines Rasmus have created a unique and steezy style. To see him freeride with ease with a two wheel slide or what ever is just like waching your favorite movie. Anyway, we’re glad to have this guy on our team.

Curtis Langby – Heartwood Street Team

Curtis Langby


Curtis Langby is a French/Australian skateboarder. Born in the alps mountains and by the age of 5 he moved Lyon. Soon after he skated for the first time in Australia at the age of 13, he discovered how fun it was and decided to really get into skateboarding. Since then the passion grew even stronger even though you had plenty of injuries. It's part of your history as a skateboarder. Over the years it's played a major role in his life. New friends, travels, competitions and he has even studied skateboarding in order to become a certified instructor.

Heartwood Street Team – Carlos Monteiro

Carlos Monteiro


Carlos Monteiro started skating when he was 11 with some friends, just for fun. Soon after he found himself in love with the sport and has been ever since. It's a part of the everyday life. He grew up in Peniche and he soon knew every inch of his local skatepark where he spent a lot of his time. Carlos enjoys rails, curbs and transition skating. ``Skateboarding provides balance in your life. New challenges, and equally comfort and peace of mind while riding. The true support between friends. You motivate each other and that's really one of the best things with the sport.

Heartwood Street Team – Tiago Belo

Tiago Belo


Tiago Belo stems from a village near the sea, Santa Cruz, Portugal. Skate and surf have always been a natural part of his lifestyle since he was around 11 years old. He started skating the street and later progressed into other forms like surfskate, longboard dancing and downhill. The traditional skateboarding has always been close to his heart and a lot of good things that came with it. Like meeting new people and traveling the world. There is no doubt, if you meet Tiago he will most definitely have his board close to hand.

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