Freedom is something worth searching for.
We make stuff to get you there.
Heartwood Swedish Design

Swedish Design

Heartwood is a Swedish brand and our design are focused on a slick and minimalistic approach. The world don’t need any more clutter or fuzz. A simple, strong and clear look is our style. If you don’t agree we’re probably not your brand.

Heartwood Shipping solutions

Global Shipping

We’re currently shipping to pretty much all corners of the world. If you live inside the European Union, good for you. Because that means you get better shipping options. If you live in a non EU country, don’t worry, we will solve it for you to.

Heartwood Better world

A Better World in Mind

Just like our name suggests, we believe in the power of nature. Our point of view is that we want to create a better world. We strive to minimize environmental impact and we also want to give back by creating different initiatives that helps to aid this planet we all live on.


Have you always dreamt of designing your own skateboard? Then your dream is in front of you. Submit your artwork and maybe your design will be picked for our next board, with your name on it!

No need to wait, just collect your ideas and start creating. There is nothing to lose.