Shaka 8.0″ Complete

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The Shaka series comes in sizes of 7.75, 8.0 and 8.25. This one is the 8.0″ version. Shaka is dedicated to all the hard working skaters out there. Every decent skater knows that only hard work, dedication and a lot of bruises will take you far. That’s what our Shaka series stands for. Medium concave and constructed of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple. 3 colored layers for that sweet look when you have skated it for a while. If you’re looking for a complete setup here’s one. Choose between regular or hollow trucks.


The Shaka is a tribute to all the hard work and hours spent practicing and lays behind any good trick. Every decent skater knows that hard impacts and bruises are part of any success. Dedication and hard work are the only thing that really takes you all the way. Skate, fall and skate again. Shaka will take you all the way to your next goal. It comes in three sizes. This one is 8.0 x 31.7″ with a wheelbase of 14.25″. Made from Canadian maple and strong epoxy to really serve you that sweet pop you are looking for. Medium concave to suit allround skate. Three random layered plys will make your board look beautiful even when it’s worn down over time. It will rather make it and you look experienced.

We’ve put together a complete that will make you lift off. Choose between our standard or hollow truck. The board comes fully assembled with this setup:

Trucks: Bedrock 5.25″ Street trucks Standard/Hollow mid profile
Wheels: Royal Rubbers 52mm 99a
Bearings: Heartwood Street Bolts abec-9 with built in spacers
Griptape: Heartwood Standard black

Deck width





7 Layers Canadian Maple


Hollow Street Raw 5.25", Standard Street Raw 5.25"


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