Light Speed Bearing Oil


A quick, easy and cheap way to maintain your bearing performance.

Heartwood bearing oil is a light speed oil to take care of your bearings. Made with low viscosity to maintain high speed performance. Class 2 represents our medium viscosity oil. Perfect for allround skating like cruising, freeride and intermediate high speed runs.

Before usage make sure to clean your bearings using some kind of anti grease. While doing so a good tip is to use compressed air to blow the dirt out of the bearings while you add anti grease. Let them dry for a while, grease free. Once they are completely dry add the Light Speed Bearing Oil to the bearings. Make sure the oil covers all steel/ceramic balls and the nylon container holding it.

You could of cource add new oil to your bearings without cleaing them first. Sometimes cleaing is not neccesary. For instance when your bearings spinn perfectly friction free without any strange sound.

Don’t worry about adding to much oil. Once you take them out for a ride all redundant oil will automaticly be pressed out. Therefore it’s a good idea to use an old cloth or paper the first ride after you added the oil. Use it to wipe of any extra oil being pressed out.


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