The Pill Camo has a sligtly bigger hole in the cap which makes it better at handling. The camouflage colors is really soft and pleasant for the eye.

The Heartwood Pill Camo is a soft colored pill. Our pill has a slightly bigger hole on the top half – the cap. This makes it easier to trick with. Camo has a rubber paint on it to give you a really good grip while doing your tricks.

The pill is a wooden toy related to the Kendama. The pill is made of two wooden halves connected by a string. On one of these halves there are a spike and this one is called the base. The other one with a hole in it, the cap. Pill works in a similar way as the Kendama. Precision, control and focus plays a major role when it comes to handling this wooden toy. There are some similar tricks you can do with your Pill compared to the Kendama and some new tricks as well.


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