Bedrock Standard Street Truck 5.0″ 129mm


Bedrock presents their Standard Street truck. A respectful piece of mid height truck with good handling. Combined with 90a bushing with an 90% rebound rate! Light as a feather, strong as a rock.

Proud to announce a colab with Bedrock Trucks. A great standard truck for allround skate. Pretty light for a standard truck actually. The weight on each truck is just above 350 which is really low compared to some of the biggest brands out there. That’s one of the reasons we fell in love. The Bedrock truck is made from aluminum alloy rated A356.2 which means it’s strong, durable and with low weight. No crappy sh**. The truck also carries a high rebound bushing with a duro on 90a which makes the truck really quick in response but still soft. In other words the truck is soft in chill riding styles but still very stable if you use a more aggressive riding style or higher speed. We know that using good trucks is one of the keys to create a good riding experience – that’s why we selected Bedrock as our partner in crime.

The trucks are available in 3 sizes.


Truck profile: Mid
Hanger size: 5.0″
Axle width: 129 mm
Weight: 340g on the 5.0″
Aluminum Alloy: A356.2
Bushing: 90a with 90% rebound

Hanger width


Axle width





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