Beach Bum 8.125″ Complete

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Beach Bum is a design with a surf inspired look. Sometimes that perfect wave/ride is worth waiting for. Once more a really minimalistic look and with a deep concave and a beautiful shape that will keep a better foot position and rotation force. Simple and clean 8.125″ rock hard deck. As usual, constructed of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple. 3 colored layers for that sweet look when you have skated it for a while.


Say hello to Beach Bum 8.125″. A proud member in our family of minimalistic designs. Carefully few selected colors in a pretty slick look. Available in a wider 8.375″ with a slightly different base color. Sometimes that perfect ride/wave is worth waiting for…

Beach Bum features a deep concave to provide you with some extra grip and rotation force when flipping it. Canadian maple stretched 8.125″ x 32”. The wheelbase is 14.25″. If you have tried our boards before the nose and tail are still the same length as usual. We still wanted to maintain a winning combination. Three of the layers in random colored plys to give that personal touch once you have really shredded it good. Strong epoxy to really serve you that sweet pop you are looking for. This board is not just a beauty to watch, it’s a deck that is made to fly.

We’ve put together a complete that will make you lift off. Choose between our standard or hollow truck. The board comes fully assembled with this setup:

Trucks: Bedrock 5.25″ Street trucks Standard/Hollow mid profile
Wheels: Royal Rubbers 52mm 99a
Bearings: Heartwood Street Bolts abec-9 with built in spacers
Griptape: Heartwood Standard black

Deck width





7 Layers Canadian Maple


Hollow Street Raw 5.25", Standard Street Raw 5.25"


Deep Concave

Wheel base



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