Artless Basic RAW 8.0″ Complete


Artless Series is our basic line of boards. All extra fuzz removed and you still get a nice board in 7 layers maple. RAW has a softer construction making the board a bit softer than our regular line so it will suit the lighter riders better than the heavier ones. We’ve put together a nice composition if you prefer to have it complete. You get the great Bedrock Standards accompanied by our Royal Rubbers 52mm 99a and the Street Bolts built-in bearings. All at an affordable and respectful price.

The Artless Series is a basic line we launched in order to suit every wallet. We wanted to discard any extra fuzz and produce a board that is pure and simple. The basic line is still made from 7 layers of maple. No bulls**t, just a plain and decent board. We’ve made the construction a bit softer which means it will suit the lighter riders better. If you prefer hitting the streets/park harder or if you have more weight on your board you should go for our regular series of decks. For beginners or smaller riders this one will suit you just great. We added a mellow concave to suit an allround type of skater. The Artless Series RAW is also available as a complete if you prefer to have it all arranged for you.

We’ve prepared a pretty sweet setup if you prefer to have your meal ready to eat. You will have the classic Bedrock Street truck assembled with our built-in bearings and the Royal Rubbers 52mm 99a. The RAW has, like mentioned before, a softer construction making it suit the beginners or more softer riders a bit better. If you’re the rider that already hits the park hard you should probably like our main series better. This is regardless a sweet setup at an affordable price! This is the main concept of the basic series.


Medium Concave


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