Universal Skateboard Wall Hanger – Vintage Raw


We made a really smooth and universal skateboard wall hanger to rule them all. We know your board(s) probably one of your most precious of things. Make sure you give them the respect they deserve. Create a beautiful parking lot on the wall for them. Fits all types of skateboards and longboards like a glove! Comes in a bunch of colors to match your eyes, clothes, boards or the rest of your interior design. This version is just plain raw (if you just want to be non-color type or just want to be a bit more hardcore).

Your boards is probably one of your most precious things. We know the feeling and that’s why we decided to create this most superior and universal board hanger. To put it simple – one hanger to rule them all! Since the wall hanger is designed with a universal fit it carries all types of boards. No matter if it’s a traditional skateboard, longboard or even an electric skateboard (as long as you have screws to make the hanger stick to the wall). In other words, if it’s a piece of board and some kind of trucks hanging underneath, it will fit!

During some early tests we also discovered that the hangers may be used for several other things while not parking any of your boards. Why not use it as a storage place for your backpack, your shoes, a banana, one beer, bills, or if you attach several next to each other your cat may use them as a ladder or even a cool obstacle course. In other words – it’s universal. Note that if you find new was to use them please post it online and tag us on Instagram (@heartwoodofficial) and show what they can do.

The wall hangers comes in several different styles depending on your personality or personal preferences regarding design rules, and of course to better match your board!

The hangers have been on the drawing board for a long time in order to get it really good and universal. Designed and manufactured in Sweden. We’re proud of the result, you should be too.


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