Bushing Wax


The wax to eliminate all squeaky sounds from your bushings and pivot cups. A really simple way to make them silence. Yes, it’s a really geeky thing. But hey, rather geeky than squeaky, right?

We all know that anoying sound that sometimes appear from new bushings or after riding them for a while. That squeaky sound you hear when leaning on your trucks. The sound is due to friction created between your bushings and your washers (or sometimes even the kingpin). Oil is not the solution since it reduces all friction on your bushings making them unpredictable. Wax is on the other hand a better choice in order to maintain your handling and control. The Heartwood Bushin Wax was invented to eliminate this annoying sound in an easy fix. Probably one of the simplest solution out there. Just apply and you can once more enjoy a silent ride.

In order to use, cut small pieces of wax with a razorblade. The smaller flakes the better. Put the flakes in your pivot cups. Grind some wax against your bushings and washers. Or melt it on if you think it’s easier to apply. You should not need that much in order to shut ’em up. Assemble everything and try it out. If it still needs more you could try apply some on the kingpin as well.


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