Goddess Akycha 7.75″


The Goddess is a series of board with a pretty rad look. A reminder of all the strong women out there making a difference. Akycha is the smallest board in the series with a 7.75″ deck width. We added a deep concave to this series to give you some extra contact while riding or additional flip power when you need that. As usual, constructed of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple. 3 colored layers for that sweet look when you have skated it for a while.

Our collection of boards in the Goddess series was launched as a tribute to all the strong women out there helping the world to be a better place. It could be a girlfriend, mother or daughter. We all know that strong women makes a huge different in this world. The collection of boards was initially released in late spring 2020.

We made this one with a deep concave for an even better connection or to have some extra help when flippin’ it. The Heartwood Goddess comes in sizes 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5. The color is a way of telling which size it is. The Akycha is the 7.75″ board with a deck width of 31.3125″ and the wheelbase of 14″. If you have tried our boards before the nose and tail are still the same length as usual. We still wanted to maintain a winning combination. As always, 7 layers of Canadian maple. Three of the layers in random colored plys to give that personal touch once you have really shredded it good. Strong epoxy to really serve you that sweet pop you are looking for.

With all respect this board will definitely make you look pretty rad next time you roll in the park.

If you need a complete setup we offer a sweet setup for you too. Just look under complete setups and she is there waiting for you.

Deck width





7 Layers Canadian Maple


Deep Concave

Wheel base



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